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Managing Revalidation couldn’t be easier, with Revalidation Safe you can complete your revalidation in line with NMC requirements. Manage and link each stage through to confirmation, demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of your learning, via a secure online e-portfolio.



  • Link Evidence to The Code
  • Receive critical progress & date reminders
  • Manage each stage to Confirmation
  • Free Revalidation Advisory Helpline

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  • Meet NMC Requirements
  • Support Employees through Revalidation
  • Manage by Location, Department, Individual
  • Access & Assign Mandatory Learning

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  • Ensure Compliance to work
  • Reduce Risk, Maintain Timesheet Hours
  • Access to Registered NMC Confirmers
  • Increase Recruitment & Retention

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Safeguarding Vulnerable/At Risk Groups
NHS counter Fraud
Information Governance
Quality, Diversity & Human Rights
Dementia Level 2
NHS Conflict Resolution
Food Hygiene Awareness for Carers

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What is Revalidation?

Revalidation is the process which Nurses and Midwives must complete to demonstrate to the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) that they are keeping-up-to date with their knowledge, their skills, and demonstrate how and where they have practised safely and effectively, in line with The Code.


Why Revalidation Safe?

Revalidation Safe has been developed specifically to support healthcare professionals in compliantly meeting all Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements for successful revalidation; through efficient and effective collation of demonstrable evidence.


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